Our vision

Vintera is an associative music referencing marketplace, created and managed by music enthusiasts, and allows artists and labels to promote their music to a wide audience. Vintera is designed to function as a community system, where users share their passion for music and discover new artists through peer recommendations. Vintera's content is constantly growing and provides an accurate representation of the various players in the music industry, while ensuring the most effective promotion.

The site is constantly evolving, and future features are already in development and will be available soon. You will soon be able to register and have your own profile, follow your favorite bands, comment, post announcements, sell or buy, or be rewarded for your participation in the improvement of the database.

If you are a band, a musician, a venue manager, a producer... You will also be able to update your information.

The Travel Music feature is the first one you can use. It was created to simplify the access of the public to different places related to music, as well as to give a promotion and communication tool to the managers. Find your bars, clubs, concert halls, museums, stores... Or discover new ones during a trip. Keep yourself informed about events in the area you are interested in, and share your opinion with the rest of the community.